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In my last Revit tutorial, I talked about all tools integrated in Insert Tab in Revit Architecture.  I also promised to describe the most used tools in Insert Tab.  In this Revit tutorial, I describe the Link Revit tool.  It can be used to link an architectural, structural, or MEP Revit file into an active Revit Project.

Linking an external Revit File into an Active Revit Project

I remember the External Reference in AutoCAD which can be done with XRAFS command. In Revit Architecture the Revit user is able to link an external Revit Project such as a Revit Structural file or MEP into an active Revit project. This action is called linking an external Revit file, which can be done by clicking on the Insert tab, and then Link Revit Tool. After linking a Revit file into an active project, the linked Revit project will be updated automatically after opening the Project or it can be done just manually to see if any change has been done to the external linked project since last use. Now you might ask how to link a Revit file to an active Revit project.

  • Insert Tab
  • Link Revit
  • Point to the external Revit Project
  • Select the external Revit Project

Note: “It could be an Architectural, Structural, or MEP Revit file.”

  • Select the right positioning (image below) and then click Open button

Note: “the Positioning the linked Revit project is a critical step. If you do not know which Positioning is the right one, then select Origin to Origin to position the external Revit project. I will actually publish in another Revit Tutorial to explain the entire positioning a linked Revit project.” The best positioning is By Shared Coordinates which has to be created before linking an external Revit file. This function is commonly used between an architectural firm and structural company when they work on the same project at the same time. Revit gives the architects and the engineers to work on one project at a time without having any problem. I will talk about it later in my future Revit Tutorials.

  • Now the external Revit project is linked into the active Revit project. It can be also managed under Manage Links tool in Insert Tab of Revit Architecture.

Visit the Revit Tutorial below to review all tools inside the Insert Ribbon Tab in Revit Architecture: Revit Tutorials: Ribbon - Insert Tab Tools in Revit Architecture

Revit Tutorials Insert Tab in Revit- Link Revit

Revit Tutorials Insert Tab in Revit- Link Revit

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