Revit® Lesson 1 - Revit® User Interface - Part 2

In my last Revit tutorial I talked about the Ribbon design of Revit User Interface which I am going to call RUI.  We learned why Autodesk has decided to follow the Ribbon design of Microsoft office 2007 which has revolutionized the use of applications especially in Windows software and also in Autodesk products.

In this Revit tutorial I am going to talk about the Insert Tab in Revit architecture. As I already mentioned before in my last Revit tutorial, Autodesk has started a new user interface design for Revit to make using this powerful application much easier than ever before. Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP are now more organized and the user can find tools and icons much easier and faster which can save time and money. I also have mentioned that there are 8 different tabs in the menu of Revit when a Revit user starts a new project. Depend on what is selected, Revit turns on and off some additional tabs which I will talk about in the future Revit tutorials.

Insert Tab in Revit Architecture

Inserting images, Revit projects such as Revit Structure files, AutoCAD files, 3D Max projects, and etc. is as easy as only two clicks in Revit Architecture, because the entire inserting tools and possibilities are combined in one tab which in the Insert Tab. The Revit user does not have to be worried about where to find the especial tools when inserting or linking a file to the active project because all to do is to click on Insert Tab.

You might ask what tools you can find in Insert Tab of Revit Architecture. In the list below you can find all tools you might use for Inserting files into a Revit project.

Link Revit, Link CAD, DWF Markup, Decal, Manage Links, Import CAD, Insert from File, Image, Manage Images, Load Family, Load as Group, and Find Product Design Online are the important inserting tools which are combined in the Insert Tab of Revit Architecture. Every name is describing itself and Revit helps through the inserting process which short messages and hints. I will go through each of the tools when we are going to use the inserting tools in Revit Architecture.

In the image below you can see all tools for Insert Tab in Revit Architecture.

Revit Home Tab

Revit Home Tab

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