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Revit User Interface

Autodesk has started a new user interface in its products which is called Ribbons. The idea behind the Ribbon was a fluent user interface that can be used and managed much easier than ever before. The original idea came actually from Microsoft when they designed and developed Microsoft Office 2007.

In previous versions of Revit products, Revit users used a system of menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes to get their drawings done. Focusing on your work and less getting attention to find the tools and commands was the main idea for Autodesk Ribbon design.

The traditional menus and toolbars have been replaced by the Ribbon design in Autodesk Revit products. Ribbons have organized all tools, commands, and menus into a set of tabs. Each tab has a set of tools, commands, and icons which are more relevant to each topic. That means you can find every tool in maximum 2 clicks which make working with Revit easier, friendlier, and faster. For example when to want to create a wall in Revit, you just click on Home Tab. In Home Tab, you also can find the most tools what can create 3D objects such as Walls, windows, doors, Columns, Floors, Roofs, Ceiling, and also all tools which help you to organize 3dimensional objects such as Grids, Rooms, Areas, and etc.

Tabs in the Ribbon of Autodesk Revit

Home Tab

In this tab you can find all tools and commands listed below:

Wall, Door, windows, Component, Column, Roof, Ceiling, Floor, Curtain System, Curtain Grid, Mullion, Model Text, Model Line, Model Group, Railing, Ramp, Stairs, Level, Grid, Beam, Brace, Foundation, Room, Area, Legend, Tag, Set, show, Reference Plane.

In the image below you can see all tolls you can find in Home Tab of Revit Architecture.

Revit Home Tab

Revit Home Tab

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